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Convenient , Private & HIPPA Complaint Billing Process

At Monox we make effort to make the billing process as painless as possible for you. That’s why we have submitted you charges to us as convenient as can be simply select from one of the following three choices


We will provide you with pre-paid, pre-addressed envelopeds, All you have to do is insert the charges and drop it in the mail

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You can scan and upload your changes onto our website any time you like. We’ll download them daily!

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We will send you them via FAX , We will notify you by phone the moment they are received

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Why Our Billing Plans Are So Special

At Monox Billing Service, we understand that every doctor or group of doctors has a unique set of needs, That’s why our first prioroty is to analysis of the practice. Once we have all the details, we’ll set up a customized database to meet these requriments and to ensure room for future growth using our cutting edge technology.

Having a custimized database means you’ll have up-to-the-minute, online access to your account at all the times. You’ll know exactly where each claims stands in the billing process-whether it’s in collection, accounts receivables or being deposited into your account that day.

Our Involvement can be as minimal or as extensive as you like.

Your options include

Full - service medical billing

Accounting Services

Unique tax-saving opportunities

Accounting services

Money management services

Why Doctors Choose Monox

Higher Collection

Customized Billing

Personalized Service

There are just a few of the reasons doctors have been partnering with Monox Billing Service (MBS) Sicne 1987. It’a also why you’ll want to find out how MBS can create a customized billing plan just for you. A plan that can help you substantially increase your revenue annually, and simplify your medical practice in minutes

Collecting your reimbursements is even easier

We can deposit the money directly into your account or mail you a check on weekly basis - whichever you prefer.

We also understand that medical documents contain sensative material. That’s why we store all of your applications in our private digital archive. Not only does this ensure their safekeeping, but it also allowas us immediate access when you needed. You will also be happy to know the our entire office is HIPPA Compliant esuring your and your paitents complete privacy

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How Monox Help You With?

Through the years, many of our doctord have come to us looking for further financial services to provide the following services:

All of these serves are includes in the Monox Medical Management Plan. However, you can select one or more them seprately on a fee-for-service basis.

Additional Services

Tax and accounting

Monthly financial statements

Tax structures

Investment analysis and portfolio magagement

Monthly profit and loss statements/balance sheets

Education funding and planning for children

Retirement planning

Financial planning

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